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Founded in June 2017, Ford and Ching is a website which focuses on getting the best out of a strip dancing porn without wasting your resources!

Not focused outright on unreasonable requirements, our site was created for enthusiasts who are not afraid to spend their time on good experiences.  Through great performances and contents, anyone can enjoy this platform we created.


By working with us, your brand/destination will be given exposure to our 300,000+ engaged social media followers along with over 365,000+ pageviews from 257,000+ unique monthly visitors, building awareness and attracting highly targeted followers to your brand as long as it is related to our advocacy of providing great strip dancing porn. Visitors spend on average 10 minutes 58 seconds on the site, and over 80% of our traffic comes from Organic searches.

We pride ourself on producing quality, engaging and influential content. Sharing also our own personal recommendations and meticulously checking for high standard contributions from guest posters, a single post comprises hours of research, design and investigation. The result is good, high quality and beautifully presented articles that keeps readers on the site, and keeps them coming back for more! Our passion and dedication to the site and the visitors shines through with every post and collaboration.