Why is there a lot of women strippers than men?

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Let’s be frank here — men are the audience, and women are the erotic dancers in nine out of ten strip joints across the globe. Yep! It might sound sexist in one way or another, but those are the facts. Just like men are more prone to work physical jobs in mines or oil platforms, women are more prominent as strippers. But why is female stripping more popular than male stripping? Aren’t women the majority in the world? Well, let’s find out!

Men Go to Strip Clubs More Often

Some reports suggest that for every male stripper, there are nine female ones. It’s essentially the opposite of ratios on dating apps and sites. Joking aside, the reason is simple — men love to visit strip clubs more than women. Therefore, the owners of these joints look to please and bring even more guys in. Simple as that. But why do women hesitate so much to sit and watch hunky guys dance half-naked in front of them?


Although it’s a gross overgeneralization, most of us think that strip clubs are male places. It’s where dudes go drink beer, laugh out loud, and catcall dancers. However, this is just a notion that we have due to the mainstream portrayal of strip clubs. They’re places for women as much as they’re for men. Of course, regardless of their sexual orientations. This stigma exists, so there are fewer girls in the audience, and it needs to change.

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They Ran Away From Domestic Violence

The sad reality is that sex workers, in general, are on the opposite end of violent outbursts from clients and partners. No matter if they’re street hookers or elite escorts, they often have negative experiences, especially with men. A number of them are prone to change careers and become strippers and exotic dancers. But why? Isn’t the atmosphere in these joints similar to selling sex on the street or a remote motel room? Well, it’s not.


Strip clubs have firm policies about workers’ safety. This is especially emphasized for their strippers and erotic dancers. Customers in the audience or in private booths where they enjoy lap dances can’t touch. If they want to, they can arrange a meeting after hours, which doesn’t count as club service. On the other hand, if someone tries to touch a stripper, the security will immediately act and throw them out or even call the cops. 

Sex Work Can Pay Their Bills

The older you get, the more responsibilities you have. That’s how life works. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stripper or not, bills are coming in every month, and they need to be paid. Luckily, if you’re a good-looking woman, the chances are that you’ll have numerous opportunities to earn money. From camming to pole dancing, many jobs emphasize female more than male beauty. That’s how our society works.


But it’s not just about having greens in your pocket. Strippers in high-end clubs have health benefits as well. This is more than important once you reach a certain age, right? Well, it’s indispensable for everyone. Everyone knows what health care in the United States looks like, so there’s no room to judge people if they dance in seedy clubs for medical care. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all joints across the U.S.

Women Are Saving Up for College

Although it sounds like a cliché by now, every third stripper is in this line of work because it puts them through college. We know it’s an old joke, but it’s true. During the day, they’re attending classes, and by night, well, you guessed it — they fight crime. Just kidding. Nevertheless, pole dancing is pretty lucrative in cities like LA or Las Vegas. Some female dancers earn over $100,000 a year.


Stories about successful women who worked in female strip clubs are all over the internet. Moreover, some celebrities say they did the same back in the day. Both come to the same conclusion — the money is real in stripping, and it pays for education. Of course, not all of them end up finishing college and having a profession outside the adult industry. There are no guarantees, but the point still stands. Stripping pays well.

Earning Are Better Than Some Corporate Jobs

Like we’ve said, stripping is a pretty lucrative career. Moreover, it pays wonderful if you’re a young and attractive female. But it’s not just about dancing in the club for your boss. Many strippers work in private too. They do bachelor and bachelorette parties, full nudity shows, and much more as a side project. When you combine their regular work in strip joints and that extra stuff, well, it all adds up to quite some revenue.


In fact, stripping can pay way better than doing a corporate nine-to-five office job. And if you add to it that you dance and do what you enjoy privately, it’s a great combo. After all, many women in the business come into it due to their love for exotic and erotic dancing. Just look up how many girls attend pole-dancing classes. Yup! Quite a few. Still, not all of them are willing to do it publicly. But if they do, they end up making good money.

Some Women Are Left With No Choice

For some women, stripping is the only way to make a living. This is unfortunate, but it’s very true, especially in developing countries. It works similarly to direct prostitution, where females sell their bodies and offer sex for money. For one reason or another, they can’t find jobs anywhere else, so they end up doing erotic dances for old, drunken men. These stories often coincide with human trafficking, but that’s an entirely different topic.


But, let’s not end this text on a low note. Many women love stripping, just like their XY chromosome counterparts in male strip clubs. The whole idea of dancing exotic, taking pieces of your clothing one by one, and watching the audience lose their minds is quite appealing. It’s psychological, as we all love to feel desired. And if you can do it in a safe environment with security and no touching, why miss out on the opportunity?