7 Stripper-Approved Tips To Blow His MIND In The Bedroom

Most men like strippers. Even the ones who don’t actively visit strip clubs enjoy the idea of sexy women dancing naked for them. Throw in the fact that men are visual animals who are genetically predisposed to spread their seed, and it’s easy to see the appeal on a purely instinctual level.

Below are some things men love about strippers. You can use this information either to offer your man the foreplay and sexual satisfaction he’s searching for outside the home, or to create a more relationship-friendly alternative for you both. Even if your man doesn’t actively seek out strip clubs, you can still use the information to spice up your sex life and blow his mind the next time you’re feeling spunky and fun.


1. Strippers represent a naked, sexy, fantasy with no strings attached.

They do things that most men dream about and that most wives will …

4 Tips from a Stripper to Spice Up Your Sex Life

If you want to spice up your sex life, just figure out what drives your partner wild and do it! Who better to know what drives men wild than a stripper? Though fantasies and turn-ons can be very specialized, they can also have more to do with the general desires of the male sex. Most men are visual creatures who tend to enjoy a variety of visual stimulation, but that doesn’t mean you need to invite strangers into your bedroom. Just be creative and try to turn his fantasies into reality. You can learn how to be amazing in bed, just by tuning into what excites your partner. Building intimacy in a relationship doesn’t have to be hard. Try these tried-and-true, stripper-approved, creative tips to spice things up a bit.

1. Initiate the Experience

What guys really want in a girl is the knowledge that you want him just as …

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Strippers

I recently interviewed a stripper who has been dancing in the nude clubs for the past five years. It is through our conversation that I was able to gather enough information to now educate you on what it takes to become a successful six-figure a year money-making Stripper.

1. Have a Cover Job.

There is this big stigma in society that being stripper is a negative and degrading career. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from harsh and even violent criticisms from family, friends, and others is to find a cover job. Though this cover job may be a part time gig that pays significantly lower, at least it keeps you away from harms way when you’re away from the pole.

The biggest issue that can arise is when people start questioning how your part time job can support your current lifestyle. So, don’t be too lavish.

2. Stay

Everything You Need to Know About Working as a Stripper

It takes more than pole-dance classes and locker-room selfies to become a stripper.

Stripping — and the hustle of selling your time and company — is a competitive sales job in a highly stigmatized atmosphere.

As a stripper of seven years, I know that my chosen work is not for everyone. I formerly worked in retail and healthcare, and I also know that those jobs are some of the most exploitative and depressing ways to make minimum wage. And so, when the times get tough, the tough get stripping! Here’s to supporting adult entertainment in a consensual, informed manner.

Learn how to dance

Strippers need to be able to dance — so if you want a gig in this industry, you’ll need at least a couple basic stage moves. YouTube hosts hundreds of videos, especially if you do a “beginning pole dance move” search. Eye contact, smiles, and body awareness …

The 10 Strip Club Commandments

Strip clubs are like temples, except instead of religious iconography, they happen to be full of beautiful women and booze. And like a temple, there are certain guiding principles that one must respect, lest you’re denied the earthly pleasures therein. That’s why we tapped author and iconic Portland dancer Elle Stanger to descend the mountain — er, pole — and give us the 10 Strip Club Commandments.

Stripper commandments

Thou shall have no other distractions before me

I am the stripper, thy entertainer, who brought you out of your house of boredom, and thou shall have no other distractions before me. Texting thy booty call can probably wait another three to seven minutes, so put your damn phone away. At least do what the on-call nurses and truck drivers do when their devices start buzzing: put a couple dollars on the rack, get up, and walk away to answer. Mine …

12 Unexpectedly Sexy Songs Perfect For A Private Strip Tease At Home

Dim lights. Queue music.

If you’re ready to spice up your routine, sometimes taking a tip from the dancers at a strip club is the best way to turn up the heat. A hot, seductive lap dance is a great way to try something new with your partner.

What sexy song is the best for you? What kind of music puts you in the mood and makes you want to move? That’s going to be one of the best lap dance songs for your performance. But it doesn’t matter if it’s got a beat that can’t be stopped — seductive lyrics that get the point across or the amazing quality of the singer’s voice are the songs that work best.

Here are some hot lap dance and strip tease songs that will help you rev up your relationship and bring intimacy and foreplay to a whole new level.


Why is there a lot of women strippers than men?

Let’s be frank here — men are the audience, and women are the erotic dancers in nine out of ten strip joints across the globe. Yep! It might sound sexist in one way or another, but those are the facts. Just like men are more prone to work physical jobs in mines or oil platforms, women are more prominent as strippers. But why is female stripping more popular than male stripping? Aren’t women the majority in the world? Well, let’s find out!

Men Go to Strip Clubs More Often

Some reports suggest that for every male stripper, there are nine female ones. It’s essentially the opposite of ratios on dating apps and sites. Joking aside, the reason is simple — men love to visit strip clubs more than women. Therefore, the owners of these joints look to please and bring even more guys in. Simple as that. But why do

Cock rings: How to get powerful orgasms

Yes, fellas, you read the title right! We can finally steal that Beyonce song from the girls. You know, that one where they instruct us to put a ring on what we like. Only this time, when we buy a piece of jewelry, it won’t go on any fingers!

Cock rings can help you with erectile dysfunction if you have problems with it. They will make your erection stronger and more lasting. On top of that, the intense orgasm you’ll feel will make this ring your favorite sex toy. So what does it actually do? Let’s check out!

What exactly is the purpose of a cock ring?

This ring is not there just for the esthetics  —  it’s not a peacock ring. When you have an erect penis (a semi will do as well), take the ring and place it at the base of the shaft. If you have trouble

How to be creative in using a vibrator?

When it comes to sex toys, a vibrator is one of the most commonly used ones. While vibrators are mostly used by women but they can be used easily by both the partners in a heterosexual relationship as well. There are a lot of ways one can play with a vibrator. These are some of the ways to be creative using a vibrator:

Use with Oral Sex

To get this done, you will have to use your tongue and mouth in tandem with the vibrations to get your partner off. This can be done to make partners as well. You will have to use your mouth on the penis and then put the vibrator right under the base of the penis. This will stimulate the nerve endings of the penis which will bring forth the orgasm faster.

Use for double penetration

If you like anal sex then there are vibrating …

Sex toys only for men: Enjoy Hands Free Ejaculation

These sex toys are just for men! As in many areas, be it fashion or cosmetics men are much too short. This concludes, experts have provided a large selection of sex toys for men in their own category.

Anyone looking for a penis ring or a masturbator to the penis pump will find it at sex shop and can discretely buy his toys online. We also have vibrating cock rings that not only give the man an unparalleled orgasm, but also stimulate the clitoris during sex. Want to know how to ejaculate hands free? Then you must have idea about men’s sex toys.

Sex toys especially him

Here we have to respond to the masturbator, he is the sex toy especially for the man! Here, the penis is inserted into an opening that can give you the feeling of a mouth or a vagina up to the anal area. …